Keeping it organized

The most important aspect to living in a truck is to have fun with it, the second most is definitely to keep it organized. Here is a rundown of how we have organized everything we need and what we love and don't love about the setup.

The rear bumper was a custom creation from my friend Dustin at Flo Fab Freestyle Welding in Portland, OR. We can house two 20L water or gas containers in the FrontRunner Outfitters jerry can holder, then a whitewater drybox holds all of our misc parts and oils for the truck.

The inside of the drybox holds our oils/lubes, recovery straps and tie downs, then all the socket wrenches and extra bulbs/parts for the truck should we ever need them.

The structure of the entire storage setup is all Baltic Birch. Overkill? Probably, but it was about the only thing I could find in a 5'x5' size for the base. Plus Baltic Birch is incredibly durable, flat, and dense which makes it heavy but also makes it easy to run screws into the end grain without it splitting. The face of the drawer is African Padauk which we just found beautiful. If you are going to have one drawer face in your house then it might as well be great looking. All surfaces aside from the face are laminated with a basic plastic laminate which makes it incredibly durable and way easier to clean.

With our last truck we had two drawers, then some bins, and then back to drawers and we never were very happy with the setup. So for the T100 we went with a large single drawer. It has some drawbacks like weight and bulk, but it really is perfect for our needs. We keep all of our main food staples in the front and it can be easily accessed from the lift up top so you don't have to open the drawer if you don't need to, this feature is great when the rear bumper is shut and you are just reaching in. Then we store all of our pots/dishes followed by Tupperware and the amazing Omnia oven in the third row. Lastly is our "deep storage" of things we rarely use but need to keep around.

We omitted buying the REALLY expensive drawer slides that would support the drawer and decided to go the budget route. Using aluminum unistrut and fixed casters we created an incredibly strong and smooth slider that was cheap and wont fail us on the road.

The ARB 47L Fridge is on a traditional locking bottom mount drawer slide and it works great for that but one thing we struggled with was the cord management until we found a little recoiling chain unit that works perfect to keep the cord out of the slide. Behind the fridge is the perfect amount of space to store our Coleman stove and a fire extinguisher.

In total we have four lift up panels that have additional storage in the sides of the truck for easy access. Tools, hammocks, tents and the like are stored in three of them and the fourth houses all of our power needs. Cameron from OTG Camper did a fantastic job of setting us up so we can be off grid for a really long time. While we drive the 120Ah AGM battery gets charged by the alternator but when we stop the 100W Renology solar panel keeps us topped off. In this area we also keep our TJM air compressor and a couple misc tools.

The 100W panel is mounted securely above the cab of the truck.

We have a Hi-Lift bolted on a custom mount welded to the rack and the Maxsa traction boards are mounted to the rear of the rack. In the middle is our tried-and-true CVT Mt. Bailey rooftop tent which we have had for over 3 years and has never let us down.

Bringing it all home is a 4' ARB awning on the rear of the truck and an 8' Eezi-Awn awning on the passenger side. They don't get used an awful lot and that is just fine with us as we don't really deploy them unless its raining!

All in all this setup has served us incredibly well so far. We have made some changes in what goes where a handful of times and that is natural as we figure out which items we need easy access to. Everything we need to live a comfortable life is in the roughly 100 square feet of storage we have in this truck and we couldn't be happier about it!